Basic Fashion Rules

Basic Fashion Rules

Gender differentiates the behavioral norms of a male and female. Society also transforms biological sexuality into the products, which are used by the human for the life activities. A society expects that dresses of the male and female should be according to the physical difference of the body. There can be some cultural and creative changes in the dresses of the males and females. The people who are wearing the dresses should have the sense about what to be wearing according to their gender and a professional dress designer should also have the sense to design the dress according to the gender of the client.

Men wearing dresses those are designed for women can look nonsense and humorous. A female should wear the dresses according to her physic. In the same way a man should wear dresses according to his body structure and the personality. Women can look more beautiful in wearing the designed cuts in the dresses while men wearing should be sincere and smart looking. There can be some changes in the men wearing according to the fashion trend but it should have a basic difference from the female dressings.

The males and female consumer should also select dresses according to their body structure as if his/her height is short then choose the lined cloths and it can give you a tall look. A slim consumer should not wear the tight fitting dresses but choose loose cloths then your physic and it will give you a soft look. So, body differences and gender differences play an important role in the fashion world.

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