Color Strategy

Color Strategy

Without colors there is no attraction in the fashion world so colors are the most important part of the fashion trend. Some colors express human emotions and tradition while some of them are used just as the fashion trend. Color’s arrangement in costumes is a creative art and a designer should have the sense of color combination very well. You should also have the sense to wear your dresses with color combinations. It is all about choosing a right color combination.

You should also use the colors according to your skin complexion. If you have fair complexion, then it would be better to choose the dark colored clothes and if having dark complexion, then select the light or sober colored clothes. Colors also express the traditional and internal values to a person. On the occasion of social gathering or religious occasions, white is the best color to be wearing. On the occasion of marriage and enjoying parties you should select the bright colored dresses.

As per color philosophy, red color symbolizes the feeling of courage and love. Brown color reflects the feeling of warm and comfort. Orange color gives a feeling of fire and comes under the warm color category. Green color reflects feeling of prosperity. Blue color reflects nature. Colors also consider the emotions, tradition and beauty those provide us a complete personality. Thus, it is almost impossible to imagine fashion line without colors.

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