Fashion autumn-winter 2016-2017

We were lucky to observe a time of great changes in fashion: the end of the era of star designers and the emergence of the phenomenon See Now / Buy Now, about which we wrote before the start of shows. It is too early to draw conclusions, whether the work will start a new business model that allows you to buy items straight from the catwalk, and many more legendary fashion houses behind Valentino, Gucci and Christian Dior will not seek the new creative directors on the side, and promoted home-grown talent. We rejoice in the successes of the Russian-speaking mafia in the new trendy part of Demna Gvasalia, Goshi Rubchinsky and Lotta Volkova in Paris and analyze the trends of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017.


Home texture of the coming season, which has already hit the streets, despite its negative property
visually increase the width, it threatens to become a craze all over the world fashionistas.


Another trend is quite complicated in real life. However, such a vivid and life-affirming, it is worth a try.
Start with full sets of lilac in the evening or a party. Ashish Gupta shows how to do it best.

Down Jackets

The ideal thing in the winter and in the autumn – will protect from the cold, wind and moisture – not finds a new life without fans in the face of Rihanna and Jessica Biel.
However, a slim line Quilted mid-thigh to forget. Decide on the most daring experiments.


In the future, the autumn-winter season frills look not so much romantic as cool, adding graphic quality and scope of the practical things.

Striped suit

Of the women in the male wardrobe – has long been a familiar fashion reception, next fall – pinstriped.


In place of soft peach and mint come cool pink and blue. Snow Queen in the flesh.


Skin stretched melange jersey and black lace balance delicate palette and soft textures of fashion coming six months.


Love for the uniform stable transition from season to season mutating.
In September urgent coat in military style of any length, but it is better to invest in a long for many years.


Summer vyrviglaz pink becomes the main color next fall. As by itself, and in sets. The girls loved it.


The tendency to hold in the top for several years, to slow down the speed is not going to. The dimensionless sweater – a favorite of the season.


Cocktail and evening dresses next spring should sparkle brightly. Sequins, metallic fabrics and deposits of crystals at the most narrower silhouette.

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