Know More About Fashion

Know More About Fashion

Celebrate your beauty with latest fashion styles. Fashion extremely affects your personality, your confidence, the way you carry yourself. How well groomed you are, your hair, your features, everything counts. With fashion, you can make the best of what you were born with. Just by using few pointers, you can make yourself attractive.

Flaunt your slim body by fusing a tight fitting piece of dress with a loose fitting one. Create a slimming effect by wearing a same colored dress from head to toe. You should not worry if the separates do not match exactly, as even variations in tones are a creative alternative.

Large prints and more contrast are best for the taller bodies. Dress with a darker base would create a slimmer look. If you want to give your torso an enhanced look, you can do it with a collared shirt; it will frame the face handsomely. Slim v-neck gives longer look to the neck, and it is very flattering. Boatnecks make the long waist and heavy hips appear slimmer.

Bright colored attire catches the attention to an area, so you should wear them wisely, especially on your most flattering body parts. You can get the look you want by just re-arranging your clothes. Before putting them on, you should check your proportions. Thinner fabrics are more slimming. If you have a large figure, avoid wearing too large clothes, it would only exaggerate it. Belts are perfect for slim waist.

Accessories should be used carefully. Wear shoes according to your body type, not according to your height. Be more creative and scientific about your dress choices, considering your body type and colors that look attractive on you.

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