Looking Perfect!

Looking Perfect!

Fashion involves many things; you need to be choosy about your dresses. A wrong choice can ruin your whole look. If a person is wearing good colors, his or her personality would be charming, and wrong colors would only make you look dull and as tired.

Colors greatly influence the mood of a person, perfect colors instantly make you look and feel more attractive. Look for the prints that are in proportion to your body’s feature size, for example, if you have medium to large size features then you should better wear medium to large size patterns and jewelry.

Wear accessories and print designs according to the shape of your face and body features. If a lady is having round face, she can wear round earrings, necklines, eyeglasses, and belt buckles.

Shapes of different people vary, and you wear only the things that suit you the best. You may have almond shaped eyes, a teardrop nose and a square chin. So, you can better watch yourself in the mirror or photograph, to judge the shape of your features.

Layering is appropriate for social situations, e.g. you will rarely feel embarrassed for being overdressed. Wearing layers, you can take off a nice jacket, tie, scarf or jewelry to appear less formal.

It is good to ask the dress code for an important meeting, and dress yourself according to that. If a person is going to make a public speaking, groom yourself something above what your audience is expected to wear.

Dress something culturally appropriate. In present days’ global environment you need to be well aware of what is ethically suitable. Make yourself confident and charming with the proper attire.

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