Men Fashion Trends

Men Fashion Trends

You can find the classic & perfect style for yourself. Do not feel as you have only limited options when it comes to fashion and your skin tone. And do not allow the cold to ruin your fashion. When putting on a suit and tie, skip the worn out look. Try to mix the various patterns, accent your suit with the striped shirt and solid tie.

You can make two separate patterns go well together, but be sure they are of same size, for example, small plaids with the small strips, and big plaids with the big stripes. For wearing two striped items, the stripes should vary in size. Bigger and bolder patterns make you appear bigger. Vertical patterns will make you look wider.

Learn to combine the interesting shirts and ties; the mixing is never been easier. Firstly, choose the shirt and note the colors that are dominant. Now, select your tie with the accents that use the same dominant colors of the shirt.

You can skillfully combine a checked shirt with a differently checked tie. Always wear smaller checked prints on you body, and larger checks around neck. Choose shirt and tie in the same color palette. Keep the trousers in the same overall color scheme.

The shirt with small, thin checks looks nice with a tie having large and bright patterns. Avoid messy patterns with the checked shirts. Two patterns of the same size would appear busy and confusing. For getting a cleaner look, use one piece with a chunkier pattern than the other. A bright, bold striped tie breaks the monotony of the subdued dress shirt.

Fantastic and elegant combinations of the shirts and ties give a different look to your personality.

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