Men’s Formal Apparel

Men’s Formal Apparel

Make yourself an elegant personality with the proper getup. With your effective image management, you can garner a greater professional respect; invigorate trust, efficiency, knowledge, project personal power, and other attributes.

Every event and occasion has its own tastes and demands for the dress. You cannot wear informal attire on a formal meeting, likewise, formal apparel on a get-together party. Here are few advices on the various business apparels that you can wear at specific times.

For a business formal, wear black or navy suit with a slight shine. White, cream or blue shirts are preferable with the French cuffs. A necktie with small pattern or plain shows a refined taste, but it should be well matched. Wear black leather shoes coordinated with the belt of black leather. One should not wear short sleeves or button down collars as business formal dress. Wear jewelry only to a limit, and it should not be showy.

For authoritative apparel, you can wear black, charcoal, or navy suit with a fine pin strip. If you really want to have a powerful look, you can wear double breasted. White and light color pastel shirts, these are highly preferable, and if the suit is plain, you can wear a striped shirt. For an appropriate taste, you can select French cuff. Don’t wear shirt with short sleeves or button down collars. A contrasting tie, with a shirt having small pattern, stripe, or plain really looks elegant. Wear black leather shoes with the coordinated belt.

For a corporate dress, any body can wear an appropriate suit, blazer or sport jacket and pant. A light to medium colored shirt with any suit, sport jacket or dark blazer can work well. You can wear button-down collar shirt with a coordinated tie. Dark well polished shoes with the coordinated or matching belt are preferable.

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