Tattooing And Piercing

Tattooing And Piercing

Fashion is all about the latest trend of dressing, cosmetics and jewelry. Now a day there is a great trend of tattooing art among the teenagers. A tattoo can be marked anywhere on your body. Males usually marks tattoo on their arms and shoulders while female marks tattoo on their arm, shoulders back and feet. A needle, ink and ink cups are used to create a tattoo but currently machine tattooing system is also in the trend. Tattoo marks can be temporary or permanent.

Teenagers like to mark different types of tattooing designs like tribal tattoo designs, natural pictures designs, romantic designs, religious designs, dragon design and butterflies. Tattooing symbolizes the glamour world. Tattoo marks can be black or multicolored.

Presently, eyebrow piercing is also a part of fashion trend. A large number of European teenagers pierce their eyebrows to wear rings as a fashion trend. Some teenagers wear designed jewelry in the eyebrow. Females like to wear ring in pierced nose to become a part of glamour world. Body painting is also a fashion line, which is followed by the teenagers. This art also used for the artistic and dramatic performance. Body painter can follow any creative theme to express his/her talent. Sports lovers like to paint their faces as the flags of their country to support their nation.

In Asian countries, there is a great trend of henna designs over the hands, arms and feet. Females like to create beautiful designs by henna powder paste. Henna designing is much safe than tattooing. It’s also known as a favorable sign in India and Arabian countries. Now henna is in the fashion line through out the world.

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